Nick Vertucci The Real Estate Icon

In this fast moving world of technology and entrepreneurship, things are as hard as they can be these days. A lot of us spend most of our lives trying to get out of our financial troubles. The world has become so competitive that it has become ten times harder to reach a level of success that people used to attain easily many years back.

Things can get quite easier if only we would know what to do with our lives. If only there was a mentor guiding us all the times to make the right decisions, choose the right career path, where to invest and how to deal with family problems and work life, we would easily live through.

Nick VertucciAlthough all of us can’t get a personal mentor to look out for, there are still people out there who you can look up and get inspired from. One such person is Nick Vertucci.

For those of you who are unaware of Nick Vertucci, he is the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy also popularly known as NVREA. The reason Nick serves as a great inspiration for people struggling in life is because he himself has been there.

Nick belonged to a very humble family which was a representation of any family who was struggling to make ends meet. From day to day Nick’s family had to sacrifice on basic things to make sure that their ends meet. But by the time he turned 10, Vertucci lost his father and things became worse for his family.

Nick continued to struggle and found ways to sort his life out. It wasn’t until his 18th birthday that he was finally able to step out of the dark times into the better future. Nick started a private computer sales business which did great for him until in 2000 when the dot com crash era came. Just like everyone else in the tech industry, Nick’s business suffered such a huge blow that his company was filed for bankruptcy.

This didn’t stop Nick from still perusing for a better future. He was invited to a real estate academy where he learned about investing in real estate and eventually started doing what he learned. In the next 10 years, Nick had already turned his life completely opposite from where he started out.

He got so good at making real estate investment decisions that there was no stopping him. He climbed the ladder until he was considered one of the best real estate investors in the US. For that reason, we decided to profile his career on Famous Net Worth.

He later formed his own Real Estate Academy and made a goal to train people like him.

How Much is Nick Vertucci Worth?

At this point, it hasn’t been reported anywhere, but since he charges some $30,000 for real estate courses, it’s probably quite sizable!


Golfer Rory McIlroy Has Earned Almost 200 Million Dollars

The story of Rory McIlroy Golf Career is an unusual and interesting one. Superstars in any discipline have a family line of the art or sport and driven by the parent taking part to become such

With Rory, it was a bit different. It seems as if he was born wanting a golf club in his hand and his father Gerry put a plastic golf club in his hand as a small child. There was no pressure exuded on the Rory McIlroy Golf Career but the boy took hold and dad supported him in his endeavors not thinking he would work to be the Golf superstar he is.

Michael Bannon, a Golf superstar, took the boy under his wing. It perplexed Gerry McIlroy about what to do about his son’s now obsession with Golf. It turned out to be the best move he made for his son. Michael is still his coach today.

The first time the people closest to Rory believed he could be a superstar was in the under 10 World Golf Championship. This is the time that more substantial work is done to push a child forward.

In 2007 he reached the top of the World Amateur Rankings. Leading up to that is a full complement of accomplishment from Europe to Ireland done with the Nick Faldo’s Youth Golf Series. He’s the youngest golfer to hold a European tour. 2009 is the year when he actualized the first European title in the Dubai Dessert Series.

To inspire other young golfers aspiring to such heights today, we’ll share the fact that they worked his journey with setbacks, failures and disappointments. The key to his success is resilience. He bounces back like a rubber ball and learns from mistakes.

In 2010 at Quail Hollow, he received his PGA Tour win and garnered the attention of the Golf giants who are the right people to get in front of. He fell again soon thereafter in the Augusta Nationals, only to recover and come back stronger than ever in the US Open. He holds the lowest score in history at 16 under total untouched. His game holding steady straight through to 2014, where he claimed his spot on the top of the mountain with names like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Himself included, these names are the first to win 4 major titles before the age of 25.

Rory McIlroy Net Worth

So, how does a guy like Roy McIlroy make his money and what’s the lifestyle? After all, he’s called an organic Golfer. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. What does having his net worth be at $200 Million in one statistic because of Nike? Regardless of the source, he has not much to worry about in his still young life.

Let’s put the Rory McIlroy Net worth in perspective. His Golf wins only tally up to around $70 million, but his sponsorships and appearance fees can be a couple hundred million at a time. We mention Nike first because of its $200 million lump sum endorsement fee. Next up is TaylorMade at a mere $100 million over a ten-year period.

But, who is he now that money is no object, and he doesn’t enjoy the constant wins in the same way as he did in his career’s Genesis? So, let’s get to the standard things you’d expect, like the $400,000 home he has in Florida and the $300,000 car he has parked outside.

His home boasts a game room, pool and gym with the whole thing nestled up against the PGA course. You could bet he’s reliving some moments over coffee in the morning overlooking that baby!

How he’s a ‘normal’ kind of guy:

He got engaged to Tennis player Caroline Wozniaki but broke it off soon after in the same year of 2014, another big ticket year for him. He made a romantic comeback and married Erica Stoll in Ireland at the Ashford Castel to the tune of $260,000 but at least the consolation was a Stevie Wonder performance. The Honeymoon at Sandy Lane in Barbados.

His attitude is boredom with making the money. He didn’t say bored; he said, tired of and not preoccupied with creating a certain amount of it. What he’s preoccupied with are the wins he makes now. That’s spoken like a true blue passionate Golfer.

He went through the lessons about having a lot of money, but not the way others did. After the purchase of his first expensive watch at 18 when he checked his balance at an ATM, the novelty wore off, which is uncommon. Looking back at his story, it has uncommon written all over it.